Cheiloscopy: The study of lip prints in sex identification


Preeti Sharma
Susmita Saxena
Vanita Rathod


Human identification is a universal process based on scientific principles, mainly involving finger printing. Theory of uniqueness is a strong point used in the analysis of fingerprints to convince the court of law. Likewise, even the lip print is unique of an individual and hence beholds the potential for identification purpose. Thus, lip prints can be used to verify the presence or absence of a person at the scene of crime. The wrinkles and grooves on labial mucosa called as sulci labiorum form a characteristic pattern called ′lip prints′ and the study of which is referred to as chieloscopy. The study group comprised of 20 females and 20 males. The materials used were lipstick, bond paper, cellophane tape, a brush for applying the lipstick, and a magnifying lens. This study shows that lip prints are unique to an individual and behold the potential for recognition of the sex of an individual.


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Preeti Sharma, Susmita Saxena, & Vanita Rathod. (2009). Cheiloscopy: The study of lip prints in sex identification. Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 1(1), 24–27.


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