Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, an official publication of Indian Association of Forensic Odontology, publishes scientific articles relating to forensic odontology and its extended fields including forensic genetics, forensic medicine, forensic sciences, forensic toxicology, forensic anthropology, forensic dactyloscopy, forensic geology, forensic pathology, and forensic serology. The Journal aims at promoting knowledge and awareness among forensic odontologists as well as general dentists by publishing scientific articles from following categories, original research, systematic review, case reports and letter to editor. Journal amplified further from first issue of 2016, by introducing e-article (online only articles) to accommodate more number of articles. Journal invites scientific papers on well designed and controlled original research, unusual and interesting case reports so as to expose the views, newer trends, advancements, molecular technique to keep the readers in pace with global advancements.