Limitations in forensic odontology


B Kavitha
A Einstein
B Sivapathasundharam
T Saraswathi


The concept of using dental evidence in forensic investigation has kindled so much interest in the recent past that forensic odontology is even suggested as the single positive identification method to solve certain forensic cases. In this process, the shortcomings in forensic odontology though few are overlooked. These discrepancies associated with various methods are to be weighed cautiously to make forensic odontology a more accurate, reliable, and reproducible investigatory science. In this paper, we present our understanding of the limitations in various methods employed in forensic odontology.


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B Kavitha, A Einstein, B Sivapathasundharam, & T Saraswathi. (2009). Limitations in forensic odontology. Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 1(1), 08–10.


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