Denture Labelling as an Identification Tool in Forensic Medicine: A Case Report


Yashi Garg
Rahul Nagrath
Manesh Lahori


Denture labelling is gaining popularity in geriatric patients particularly for those staying alone or in old age home, especially the ones suffering from dementia or physical vulnerability. Various methods of denture labelling have been proposed by prosthodontists over the years. Prosthodontists are playing an important role in forensic odontology nowadays. This article highlights a method of denture identification marking wherein a patient’s photograph along with his name and emergency contact number is incorporated within the complete denture.


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Garg, Y. ., Nagrath, R. ., & Lahori, M. . (2022). Denture Labelling as an Identification Tool in Forensic Medicine: A Case Report. Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 12(3), 182–185.


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