Forensic photography: Prospect through the lens


Sanjay Murgod
Shyamala Karnam
Sofia Gouse
H. C. Girish


Forensic photography is an indispensable tool in modern forensic odontological protocol which aids in investigative procedures, maintenance of archival data, and to provide evidence that can supplement medico legal issues in court. Proper selection and implementation of the appropriate photography and computer equipment combined with necessary training and correct workflow patterns make incorporating photography into the field of forensics, an easily obtainable goal. The role of the forensic photographer is crucial, as a good skill in photography with updated knowledge of the mechanics and techniques involved is required for proper documentation of evidence. This paper aims to shed light on the various aspects of forensic photography with emphasis on its diverse applications and advancements.


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Sanjay Murgod, Shyamala Karnam, Sofia Gouse, & H. C. Girish. (2018). Forensic photography: Prospect through the lens. Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 10(1), 02–04.


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