Virtopsy: An integration of forensic science and imageology


T Joseph
K Girish
Pradeesh Sathyan
M Kiran
S Vidya


In an era where noninvasive and minimally invasive techniques are heralding medical innovations and health science technology, necrological analysis is not bereft of this wave. Virtopsy is virtual autopsy. It is a new-age complimentary documentation approach to identify and analyze the details of demise. Utilizing virtual autopsy for orofacial forensic examination is an emerging specialty which holds a plethora of potential for future trends in forensic science. Being a noninvasive technique, it is a rapid method which facilitates the medicolegal process and aids in the delivery of justice. The present article is an overview of this emerging methodology.


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T Joseph, K Girish, Pradeesh Sathyan, M Kiran, & S Vidya. (2017). Virtopsy: An integration of forensic science and imageology. Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 9(3), 111–114.


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