Age estimation in Indian adults by the coronal pulp cavity index


Vaishali Koranne
Amit Mhapuskar
Swati Marathe
Sameer Joshi
Rashmi Saddiwal
Shams Nisa


Background: Age estimation from tooth coronal index (TCI) using intraoral periapical radiographs by paralleling technique based on a reduction in the size of the dental pulp cavity with advancing age as a result of secondary dentin deposition. Aim and Objectives: The aim of this study is to estimate age for Indian adults using radiographs of mandibular first molar and second premolar teeth using coronal pulp cavity index. Materials and Methods: The study material consists of 400 intraoral periapical radiographs of mandibular second premolar and mandibular first molar from enrolled participants of either gender in the age group of 20–60 years. Statistical Analysis: Data analysis was done using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences), and Pearson's correlation coefficient (r) was used to find the correlation between age (years) and TCI. Results: TCI was computed for each tooth and regressed on the real age of the sample. The correlation coefficient “r” was −0.865 (for premolar combined sample) and −0.850 (for molar combined sample). The obtained equations were tested on test sample of fifty teeth and age was determined. The absolute mean error between actual and predicted age for premolars was 6.72 months and for molars, it was 9 months. Conclusion: Age estimation using TCI is a precise, noninvasive, less time-consuming, and an inexpensive method.


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Vaishali Koranne, Amit Mhapuskar, Swati Marathe, Sameer Joshi, Rashmi Saddiwal, & Shams Nisa. (2017). Age estimation in Indian adults by the coronal pulp cavity index. Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 9(3), 197–204.


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