Awareness of Forensic Odontology among Dental Students, Academicians, and Dental Practitioners in Gujarat: A Questionnaire Based, Cross Sectional Study


Jayasankar P. Pillai
Sonam Rambia
Thamarai Selvan Chokkalingam
Balamurugan Asaithambi


Aim: This survey aimed to evaluate the awareness of forensic odontology (FO) subject among dental students, dental academicians (DAs), and dental practitioners (DPs) in Gujarat state. Materials and Methods: A questionnaire sheet containing 14 questions was answered by 607 participants consisting of dental students, DAs, and DPs in Gujarat. Descriptive statistics were used to summarize the responses, and the results were presented as frequencies and percentages. The Chi‑square test was used to compare the responses among the groups, and the level of significance was set at P < 0.05. Results: A total of 607 participants answered the questionnaire form. Out of 212 UG students, 175 (82.5%) were aware of the FO branch and 181 (85.4%) agreed to FO as a promising field in dentistry. The majority of the undergraduate (UG) students agreed that FO should be taught as a separate subject at UG and postgraduate level. The majority of the participants (95.7%) agreed that dental evidence plays an important role in forensic cases. Nearly 80% of the respondents agreed for a separate PG course in FO and around 37% of them opted for MDS course in FO. Bitemark analysis and dental age estimations were considered the promising domains in FO by >80% of the participants. Conclusion: This questionnaire study was performed to analyze the awareness of FO among dental students, DPs, and DAs. The majority of the study participants were aware of FO. A thorough review of the literature on a similar topic was also done.


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Pillai, J. P., Rambia, S., Chokkalingam, T. S., & Asaithambi, B. (2020). Awareness of Forensic Odontology among Dental Students, Academicians, and Dental Practitioners in Gujarat: A Questionnaire Based, Cross Sectional Study. Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 12(1), 10–22.


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