Micro secure digital card: A novel method for denture identification


Shreya Colvenkar
Sujatha Gopal


Aim: Denture labeling is of vital significance in social and forensic scenario. Numerous published work have attempted to present best method for denture marking, however not all satisfy crucial requirement either in terms of cost or storage of large amount of information. Hence, this paper describes a simple, cheap, and feasible denture marking system using portable Micro Secure Digital (MicroSD) card. These cards are created to store, modify, and view large amount of information with mobile phones, which forms an important part in majority of household in India. Materials and Methods: After try-in make a depression slightly wider than the size of the MicroSD card on the external lingual flange of the trial mandibular denture. Process the denture together with acrylic wax flap according to manufacturer′s instructions. The acrylic flap is planned in such a way that it is well-flushed with surrounding areas and can be lifted on one side to access the card. MicroSD card is placed in the denture and flap is closed. Conclusion: The proposed method is simple, cheap, and can store large amount of information.


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Shreya Colvenkar, & Sujatha Gopal. (2014). Micro secure digital card: A novel method for denture identification. Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 6(3), 183–185. https://doi.org/10.4103/0975-1475.137054


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